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Baghramyan Ave., 0019,
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
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Remote Sensing

GEORISK Company applies visual, instrumental, and computerized processing of remote sensing data obtained from Landsat-TM (USA), Landsat-7ETM+ (USA), SPOT (France), and ERS (European Union) systems, from Russian satellites. GEORISK disposes of remote sensing material covering the area of the Republic of Armenia and adjacent regions of Georgia and Azerbaijan, Eastern Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Turkmenistan (Kopet-Dag). There is a twenty years' experience of work with panchromatic, spectral and multi-zonal, thermal and radar images. Computerized processing involves stage-by-stage improvement of the initial image quality, synthesis, Fourier analysis, compilation of specialized geologic and ecological base maps and analog test images. GEORISK applies the results of remote-sensing data processing and analysis in all fields of its activities.