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Baghramyan Ave., 0019,
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
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GEORISK Scientific Research Company conducts geotechnical engineering testing of soils

Moisture content tests (w)

Soil density and soil grain density tests (r and rs)

Atterberg's limits testing (Wp, Wl, Ip, Il)

Strength parameter's testing (internal friction angle and cohesion - j and c)

Single-plane shear tests (j and c parameters)

Shear testing by torsion method defining j and c parameters for peak tf and residual tr of their value

Consolidation (compression) tests

Single-axial compression tests on hard rock (R)

Testing of swelling and subsidence parameters (wSu, wSI, sSu)

Physical and mechanical testing set

Filtration /percolation/ testing

Chemical aggressiveness analysis of a medium

Impact of soils on metals and concrete

Tests estimating methane gas hazard

Other geotechnical, geological, and environmental tests to be considered in design works