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Geophysical investigations are performed on profiles and areas.

  • Seismic prospecting works are based on the method of refracted waves and use of CB-20 vertical seismic receivers. A mechanical bump-vibration plant is used to generate vibrations. The vibrations are recorded by Talgar-3 digital data storage station.
  • Electric prospecting works are performed by the method of vertical electric sounding (VES) and electric prospecting (EP) using a symmetrical AMNB installation.
  • Magnetometric works are performed by M-27 quartz magnetometer with registration of the vertical constituent of the geomagnetic field (in gamma).
  • Measurement of soil micro-vibrations (T0). The record of soil micro-vibrations and their spectral analysis is digital and is implemented with OMNILIGHT-8M37 (Japan). Predominant periods (T0) of the surface layer, and soil categories (K0) are established from the records. Data of drilling, geotechnical testing, and the values of predominant micro-vibrations are used to estimate average propagation velocities of shear waves in the considered soils.