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Geotechnical Engineering



GEORISK Scientific Research Company conducts drilling of borings with core recovery.

Geotechnical Tests

GEORISK Scientific Research Company conducts geotechnical engineering testing of soils

Moisture content tests (w)

Soil density and soil grain density tests (r and rs)

Atterberg's limits testing (Wp, Wl, Ip, Il)

Strength parameter's testing (internal friction angle and cohesion - j and c)

Single-plane shear tests (j and c parameters)

Shear testing by torsion method defining j and c parameters for peak tf and residual tr of their value

Consolidation (compression) tests

Single-axial compression tests on hard rock (R)

Testing of swelling and subsidence parameters (wSu, wSI, sSu)

Physical and mechanical testing set

Filtration /percolation/ testing

Chemical aggressiveness analysis of a medium

Impact of soils on metals and concrete

Tests estimating methane gas hazard

Other geotechnical, geological, and environmental tests to be considered in design works

Geophysical Works

Geophysical investigations are performed on profiles and areas.

  • Seismic prospecting works are based on the method of refracted waves and use of CB-20 vertical seismic receivers. A mechanical bump-vibration plant is used to generate vibrations. The vibrations are recorded by Talgar-3 digital data storage station.
  • Electric prospecting works are performed by the method of vertical electric sounding (VES) and electric prospecting (EP) using a symmetrical AMNB installation.
  • Magnetometric works are performed by M-27 quartz magnetometer with registration of the vertical constituent of the geomagnetic field (in gamma).
  • Measurement of soil micro-vibrations (T0). The record of soil micro-vibrations and their spectral analysis is digital and is implemented with OMNILIGHT-8M37 (Japan). Predominant periods (T0) of the surface layer, and soil categories (K0) are established from the records. Data of drilling, geotechnical testing, and the values of predominant micro-vibrations are used to estimate average propagation velocities of shear waves in the considered soils.

Slope Stability

Slope Stability

In slope stability analysis, dynamic, or static load conditions are considered, and the Morgenstern-Price method and/or Tertsagi's formula are used. Stability calculations are made mainly by GEOSLOPE computer program designed for stability calculations for any failure surface and by different methods (Spenser, Bishop, Engineers Corp, etc.) and/or by Otkos-RL program (Moscow).

Field of Activity