Address: 24a Marshal
Baghramyan Ave., 0019,
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
Tell: +374 10 526 517
Fax: +374 10 522 344

Goerisk Staff
GEORISK Scientific Research Company has performed studies supported by the NSF, NATO, INTAS, PICS, and ISTC international grants, as well as by the Eurasia Foundation, and Bilateral Greek-Armenian Science and Technology Cooperation Program . Young and energetic researchers (holding D.Sc. and Ph.D.) work in the company staff. Average age of the staff is 35. The members of GEORISK staff were trained and defended their doctor's theses in scientific centers and universities of Yerevan (Armenia), Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Montpellier and Paris (France), Rome (Italy), and Frieberg (Germany). Research results are reflected in more than 100 international and national scientific publications.

If required for the implementation of particular projects, GEORISK involves in its staff leading specialists from the principal research centers, higher education institutions, public institutes and private companies of the Republic of Armenia, as well as foreign experts.